Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Senior show ideas.....

i have to make something for the senior show to graduate! i know what i like but it's a little hard to actually make it because i don't have much time. i have to finish it in 78 days! it's too short! so i need to decide what to do soon. like now..
i've been wanting to make my world. something creepy and beautiful fantasy...and a lot of nature. everything would be in nature. in the daytime, it's a very sunny and beautiful day, but at night it's dark and scary, full of strange creatures.
sometimes i feel like there is something shouting insinde of me. i feel like it's energy, and it tells me i have to make something with it. sometimes i feel like i want to make myself inside out and show people. i've been drawing and painting, but i feel like 2D isn't enough for this project. i've never made anything 3D, except for clay. but, it's what i want to try for this project. BUT! i don't have that much time. i feel like if i did what i really wanted to on this project, it would take over a year to finish. so, should i think of what i want to do, or should i think of what i can do??? what i want to do is make the sky with black fabric or something and make a small room with stars, to make it look like a night sky, somehow. and then make animals and make a big tree and draw or paint the landscape, maybe with a light from the bottom. and i want to make the sound, too. it wouldn't be like music, just noise or strange sounds. and i want to put something on the floor, too, to make it not comfortable to walk, like a forest. not just a smooth floor. that's what i want to do. what i can do, probably, is a few big drawings or paintings. they would be landscape with animals. and i would draw or paint a daytime one and a nighttime one, maybe from a distance or from different angles. and another thing that i can do is, maybe, i'll make 3d animals or creatures and put them in a sort of diorama with a painted background and a few things aroung them in the box. i think there are many things i could do, but i'm getting tired of typing, so i'll just say it tomorrow! oh, one more thing i thought about in the meeting today. i could have something hanging from the celing, because Choffee(??) said there won't be enough room this year, so i could take the celing space! but, this is just an idea...
i'll decide what to do tomorrow in class!!


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