Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Artists Statement

I’m interested in Living things. In one time, I didn’t want to associate with humans at all. They seemed so impure to me, even myself. They have languages. Their inside is different from outside. I wanted to be separated from humans, and live and die in nature. I didn’t want to associate with humans, even though I’m human. Nature doesn’t talk, so they express their feelings by how they make their faces and bodies, and how they make noises. I even feel that trees have minds because of their smells and shadows and textures and splintered, broken parts. They express their feelings very directly. It might seem just wild, but it’s very beautiful to me. I thought animal’s expressions are beautiful, even when they are angry. They show anger to reveal their existence. Although they may be hurt they still try to walk because they want to live. I feel their strong energy and spirit when I see their faces. So, I want to express the power of nature and animals.

I’ve been drawing and always want to see the world I create. I say “see”, but I don’t just mean “see”. I mean feel and smell and experience the world I can only imagine in my head. When I draw characters and environments, I imagine how their texture feels, how they smell, and what kind of noises they make or voices they have. I have been thinking that 2D isn’t enough to express my world, so I’m trying 3D. I hope that it will start to make my world a little more concrete instead of just remaining images in my head. I want to know my world, and I want others to know it, as well.

actually, i don't like showing this to people. i feel like i'm a little bit of a dark person.... but, i don't think many people are reading this, so it's ok!!!


Blogger frooverheeman said...

your statement is looking good! :D

12:11 AM  
Blogger piepiepiiiiiiiiiiie said...

really? thank you!!!!!!!!

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rie~

Your work is very animistic. Sartre said "the other person is Hell." Nice mushrooms...ever heard of the mushroom amanita muscaria?

11:09 AM  
Blogger Montana Joe said...

your all over the place.... i like it
i will hit you with other means about some arting

3:38 AM  

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