Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Naked Monkey

My favorite sketchbook

From a mysterious little coffee shop.
I wonder who made it.


If the mammoth comes to see me up in the sky...
How romantic....


Just a mosquito.

Things I saw

One warm day...

86 years old was beautiful.

My forest

My forest 2

My forest 3


I want to be floating in here...

Self portraits

When I'm upset, my face gets interesting... at least to me.

from restaurants...

Flower : by me
Funny creature (supposed to be a praying mantis) : by a wonderfully crazy person

When the mushrooms were flat.

The sculpture of the mushrooms were from my sketchbook. I didn't know that I was making them into a 3-D piece, but technically it was the first time I drew first, then made a sculpture.