Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What happens if I make bears.

Not many people know this (not many people even know me) but I love teddy bears. I've been collecting bears for 7 years, and now I have 2. I know it's not many but I had only 1 until a month ago. I'm not even sure if it's called a collection. But there's at least some progress since I have one more now than before, and I've been trying to collect bears for 7 years, so I'm going to call myself a bear collector. 

It's just so hard to find bears I like. They have to have right faces, right sizes and weights, material is very important, too. Merrythought from England makes really nice bears. They are all handmade. I love the cheeky series. And the new bear I have is from a German company Steiff. The tiny bear is made with alpaca fur. So he is a bear and also an alpaca. How nice.

Since I can't find bears I like so easily, I decided to make them on my own. I started cutting fabrics without drawing any lines, without knowing what they were going to look like. I just kept sewing until I was satisfied. 

And...  a little bit later, they were born.. 



They turned out to be not the kind of bears I would buy. And they are not even bears. I think I'm going to stay on the side of the bear buyer, not the bear maker. But I decided to become some kind of stuffed animaler! 

So, it's turkey sandwich time!! :D